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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What A Weekend!

I was a wee bit hung over yesterday, and thus had not the energy to blog

Today, however my brain is functioning as normal, and thus I will relate this past weekends happenings.

Friday night.... oh Friday night. I drank a whole bottle of some 'lovely' smirmoff pre mixed cosmopolitan, and do not recommend it to anyone. Not only did I just drink that, but numerous shots, and double vodka and soda water's. And as such, I do not recall most of the evenings events. I do know I went to some horrible bars downtown, where I never go... The Druid... and On the Rocks....? Yah... I don't think Ill be going back there any time soon. Well, I wish I could tell you more... but I don't remember. My friend Doug however told me I was falling all over the place and because I was wearing lipstick, and did not want to get it on him, I tried to kiss him "porn star" like... what that is, I don't really know, that's just how he described it. Needless to say, I woke up a fucking mess Saturday morning.

Saturday, I went for lunch, then back to bed, then to whyte ave with my brother and his strange and horny friend, had a pint of cider, came home, went back to bed, and then got ready to go to a friends house party. Hungover, I put on some high heels, some thick black eyeliner and a little skirt, and no one could tell...
It was an interesting party, as there were people from high school who I hadn't seen, in, oh... 7 years....Also, for those who don't know, I was totally picked on in school and had few friends. Interestingly enough, these party goers, seemed to have no idea... and proclaimed how much they liked me... its strange the way the teenagers act.... and display friendships, or feelings of "like". Anyway, it was nice to show them how cute I am now ;)
I left for home around 11:30 and dear Doug came over and we chatted, and I got a massage, and all was well.
Sunday, i took a stroll down Whyte ave, did a little shopping and then went to a lovely little garden party. A horrible cow, aka Marissa, was there, with her pre-teen boyfriend, which made for awkward times until I got drunk and she left early for family time. Bitchy-ness aside, it was a very nice party and I got myself wasted on a bottle and half of white wine, and stumbled home around 10 o'clock.

Monday morning, I woke up feeling like death, with a lovely wine hangover. I got sick numerous times at work, and all that was coming up was flax. yum. flax.

Well, as the day went on my hangover faded....? A little. Then I had a nice little date and went to the movies. And ended the evening wit much needed cuddles, as cuddled surely are a great hang over cure

And now, it is Tuesday. A little cloudy and gloomy out, but whats new?
My week is full of (semi) exciting plans, and as such, will be told, as usual, to my lovely readers... I hope I have readers anyway....

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