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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday evening I spent cleaning up, making a custom hair flower ( oh la la ), spilling coke on my laptop, having a mini freak out, and packing for Montreal- I had to pick out which dresses I want to bring. That right, Miss Lemon is off to Montreal in a few short days. Although I am of course looking forward to going, I will be missing out on things going on here. Now, usually I cant wait to get outta this town... interesting, indeed.

But I am going nonethe less. And am staying is avery stylish, modern -esq hotel. Check it out for yourself: http://www.innbetween.ca/index_eng.html.

There is a rockabilly music festival happening all weekend, and thus the reason why I wanted to go.

Still lots to do this week: go to the doctors, go to MAC and Sephora, finish packing, go to Value Village, and on the list goes. Oh what a busy Lemon I am this week!!

I am also very much looking forward to next week. Its a long weekend! My favorite type, Im sure you all rememeber. And, I have a date... yah yah yah, another date you say... but this date is one I actaully am looking forward to! And not making myself go on to be social and outside my box. There will be so much to tell

in the next week or two! You are going to be very busy busy readers....Your still reading this right?!


ps. spell check does not want to work... please excuse my errors, woe is me and my spelling mistakes....

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