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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rowena- A Gals best Pal

Rowena, a gals best friend. Honest, this store, truly can be your best friend if you'd like! How you ask? Well, let me tell you.

Rowena will never give you bad fashion advice. No, in fact, she will always make sure you look your best. Rowena wont let you leave not looking your best. And how can she make such promises you say? Because Rowena truly is a girls dream closet, with everything your heart could ever desire, in every colour and size.

Let me tell you a little about what you will find inside Rowena, a girls dream closet....
Dresses you could only dream of, poofy, pencil straight, flirty, sexy, tight, casual, elegant, extravagant, or simple. Ones for picnics. Ones for hot dates. Ones for making a boy fall for you, or ones for making your ex jealous. There are skirts- short, or long, skin tight, or circle, simple or detailed. There are beautiful cardigans, to make your heart melt. You will find corsets of all kinds, waist cinchers, and even pasties... don't know what those are? Look 'em up ;)
She has pants, t-shirts, hoodies, retro swimsuits, knickers, stockings... oh how the list goes on!
And the shoes! Oh the shoes! Heels you would die for... but don't have to , because your best friend has them for you!
She also has handbags, and jewelry galore... all waiting for you to come and try it on.
Rowena, shes the best friend a gal could ask for! She even has everything for your man too and always has what your looking for when you need a gift!
What a great pal. You should go meet her... today, tomorrow, this weekend. I just know your going to love her as much as I do

Join Rowena's Facebook group, to find out hours, location, and get in on sales!!

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