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Monday, October 18, 2010

tales from a weekend had

I had such a good weekend and as such will retell it in detail for you... well... I may leave out some details....

Friday... I had a doctors appointment so I got to leave work early, which is always a bonus! I picked up some cherry whiskey, white wine and Sol, got ready and my friend came over for a little drinking. We then decided it would be a good idea to go to her friends house on the North side... ummmm hmmm.... well off we went on the train filled with obnoxious, idiots... We drank for a few hours... talked about boys, and the usually things girls talk about... then took a taxi home around 2ish....we departed our ways... and I met up with another friend and stayed up way too late... 4 hours of sleep later....

I got ready for a date! He picked me up at 1... and then took me for pie....? Then we went to the naughty but nice sex show... where I saw my parents!! ick!
It was somewhat educational and entertaining... A few hours later we went for dinner at The High Level Diner. He dropped me off at home, an I started getting ready for the night.

It was a friends birthday... at The Red Piano... I know Ive mentioned this place before.. and if you haven't gone yet... I suggest you best get on it! Its so fun... and filled with drunk middle aged women! My friends came over for some pre drinking. We were all dolled up... even the guys! Then off we went... where we were to have many cocktails and shots... and find ourselves singing along to the mish mash of songs they played. I think we left around 2am...? My oh so nice date from earlier... picked me and my two friends up and drove us home. hmmm, how nice. My friends went back to their place, and my date and I had another drink or two.

Sunday afternoon, my date took me for a late lunch and then to a film...

We saw Jackass 3D... well, it was funny... but also disgusting.... so disgusting... I gagged at some of the shit, and had to look away, it was so gross....

Well... I got home around 5:30. made dinner, and cuddles up on the couch... and went to bed early. The weekend definitely wore me out, but it was one of the best ones Ive had in awhile.

As for this week... Ive got to put together my Halloween costume... think of a tattoo I want to get done next week!! Work out lots... and sleep lots... hopefully


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