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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boot Camo Day # 8

It was a nice night for boot camp... although it was a tad dark out. Our trainer now gets one person to wear a heart rate monitor and it tracks how many calories we burned... approximately, because everyone is different. In just over an hour, we burned about 580 calories. Impressed?!

As for the weekend... well, it was a good one. I went to yoga Friday, then for dinner, and for drinks at Devlins, and dancing at squires. And I even remember the whole night, which is a success!

Saturday I was a touch hungover, so went for a very late breakfast and stroll down whyte ave. Then to a girlfriends house for drinks. A tame night indeed.

Sunday.... had to go to my cousins baptism. It was an excuse to dress up pretty, but I also had to sit through a whole church services...

That pretty much sums it up.... perhaps one day soon I feel a bit like writing more again... but for now I can't be bothered...


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