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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Back! maybe...

Good Morning! I'm back... but maybe just for a little while... I have yet to decide on what to do with my blog... but I thought Id give you a wee update of whats been going on...

Well, its October, as I'm sure you are all aware...this means summer is gone for sure and that it is dark out when I wake up... this is never a good thing.

I haven't been up to much of anything in the past while- working out, planning a birthday party, cleaning my apartment, working the same dreadful job, shopping too much, trying out new recipes, you know, the usual.

My boyfriend has been away... in Europe... with his band... for a month!! Well, it will be a month when he gets back next week. This is exciting... his return. I missed him more than expected... I think because I spend a lot of time with him and tell him my secrets, or daily happenings, or confide in him. Without him, I haven't really had anyone to do those things with. Oh sure, I complained to my friends about stupid work stuff... being treated unfair, yada yada...more on that later. But, I have been struggling lately with life in the sense that I'm not sure what to do with mine... I sometimes feel weighed down by bills and catching up... mind you I don't have many bills, but can never seen to catch up! I also don't know what career path to take, as certainly the one I am on now caused me nothing but stress and often a teary eye. And I really don't fancy living in the city I live in... I'm done with it, the people in it, and everything it lacks ( ie. warm weather, beaches, friendly people, new opportunities, etc). So, whats a gal to do... move, I know... but I can't right now!!! You need money for that! And i have none! None!

So that's whats been happening as of late... a lot of nothing... boring, same as always, nothing. I need to shake things up a bit... for here's hoping this winter will bring some great things with it!

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