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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

disgruntled employee

Good Morning World...if your even listening....

Well, well here I am back at work... and by 'back' I mean, I haven't been here for 15 hours or so... yah, yah, work sucks... most of us know it. Those who don't are either in denial or actually have an awesome job. Hmm, lets recap why my job sucks... a) I am talked down to by people who know and do less than me b) I get paid less than some people who don't even know what a pdf file is or how to alter a word document c) I am also expected to help said people with no complaints and happily except my lesser paying wage d) I am given 50 things to do all at once and get in shit when I haven't completed than all in an hour e) I am not allowed to leave even 2 minutes early... yes, I actually get in trouble if and when I do f) I get paid less than the stupid people... oh wait, did I already mention that... hmm, yes, I think so... well there you have it...in my company the stupid are rewarded and then made to feel more smart than the actual smart people! Oh, the joys of office work... wait, there are no joys! what am I talking about! well, one joy comes at 4:30 each day when I get to go home! You would think I would have done something to alter the situation by now... well, I kind of tried with no prevail....and thus am stuck being treated like trash by people who barley passed high school....does that sound too mean. Lets just say, when I asked someone to do a favor for me, they simply said they "don't want to", yet when they continually ask me to do their work for them, I have to say yes or face the wrath of my boss ( yet, they face no wrath... and are just given more money). Ahhh, life, you work in mysterious ways...

Okay, okay... that's it, I promise... well for today anyway... but who else am I to tell... certainly not the people I work with...then I would look like the bad employee... and I am trying very hard to be the 'good' employee... for some reason... anyway...only 2 more days until the weekend (after today) so there is always that to look forward to and motivate me!

Do you have any co workers who simply drive you mad? Or have you ever been treated like less than you deserve? Whats a gal to do?

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