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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wedge Heaven

I'm addicted to shoes, as are, I'm sure, many other gals. I am running out of room to house them, yet continue to buy more and more. I really think you can never have too many pairs of shoes. When I travel, I struggle with which and how many pairs to bring. For a weekend away, I've been known to bring 5 pairs of shoes... for 3 days. Even longer vacations call for even more shoes... as variety is the spice of life. Well, despite my lack of money and my need to save and hold on to what little I have of it left, I have purchased two new pairs of shoes. But in my defense they were on sale, and therefore had to be bought.

One pair in particular, Ive had my eye on for quite some time...and when I went into the store on the weekend, there they were, with that red sale sticker on them. I have many, many wedges, but not a single pair of all black ones, that is, until now!
Lovely matte and shiny black wedges

The second pair I bought are also wedges... I'm a sucker for a wedge. I reasoned that they would be good for colder weather as they expose less skin than the rest of my heels.
How sophisticated

And here they both are, side by side, sitting lovingly on my dresser.

Do you have your eye on any shoes in particular this season?

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