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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fish Tail

Just last week, I finally learned how to braid my hair a la fish tail...I know Im a little late in the game, but nonetheless, am very proud and satisfied that I finally learned how do to it. Usually, I am all for big hair... Im a pro at back combing. Yet, I like this fish tail thing, which is neither big not involves back combing ( expect for where I have to put my clip on extensions in). The fish tail is much much easier than I suspected and thus, it will now do one of my go to hair styles.

Do you fish tail braid your hair? Whats your fav. easy peasy, go-to hair style?

I should really snap a picture of my own fish tail to show you as well...

I love this braid down the back with the teal- its gorgeous!

Kelly Osbourne, lookin fly!
This model is too cute



  1. I need to learn to do this! I bet there is a youtube video for it!

  2. i think there are tons of videos on youtube for it actually...Im going to post one for you!