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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fur or Faux...

I have a secret obsession with fur... of the faux variety. Being a vegetarian ( for 8 years ) and an avid animal lover, I, naturally do not agree with the use of fur for fashion.... But I do love me some faux fur. Why, just this past weekend, I finally got a fabulous jackets with even more fabulous faux fur trim... which I promise to snap a picture of for you in due time.

Fur has always been as luxurious and glamorous... mainly because it is expensive and made of cute animals...like fox, rabbit, minx, etc. But faux
fur can be just as glamorous...maybe even more so, because morals and values are sexy too!

But, what about vintage fur? It has been around for some time, and there was nothing you or I could have done to prevent it from happening? Personally, I can not stand the touch of real fur; it gives me the shivers. But, I still wonder if wearing vintage fur is unethical. Of course, in some ways it is... but in some ways is it not?

I associate fur with old school Hollywood glamor of the 50's and 60's...my favorite eras. Yet, I wonder if I had been alive then ( wishful thinking) would I have worn real fur? Or better yet, would I have a rich, handsome man to buy it for me?

What do you think? And do you wear real fur?


  1. oh i also love love love (faux) fur, it looks so instant glamourous i think, i mean look at marilyn this women knew what she did;)
    love and kiss,mary


  2. agreed! she looks so glamorous ( Marilyn). I instantly feel a little more luxurious every time i put on my faux fur!