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Friday, September 10, 2010

A first for Miss Lemon

This afternoon, I tried Sushi for the first time... yes, at 24 years old, today was the very first time I have ever had Sushi!! And what did I think of it, you ask? Well... I thought it was horrible, so much so I actually had to spit it out, like a 5 year old child...And no, it was not at a restaurant, Miss Lemon has more class than to spit out her food at a restaurant. It was at my office. A coworker was ordering Sushi and upon hearing I had never tried it ordered some avocado ones for me to try... it was a nice gesture indeed, if only I could have should my appreciation by enjoying it...

Im sippin on blueberry vodka and juice, in a very little tiger print dress, with my hair and makeup did, waitin to go out... also feelin a little bit smitten over a certain cute boy....

Have a good weekend guys and dolls xoxo

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