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Friday, September 10, 2010

Time Bomb Baby....yes...

Well, fancy that! Its already Friday! My oh my how this week flew right by!

And there is plenty to tell:

Tuesday, as you would know if you read my last post, I had a date. A very nice date indeed. He picked me up at my flat, and we walked to Accent on Whyte Ave. A nice, little "European" lounge. We shared a bottle of wine, had some food, I was very awkward and shy... hmmmm... then we went to the Black dog for a pint, and strolled down to DV8... and what a gentleman my date was... he gave me his jacket because he knew i was cold! Why did we go to DV8 you ask? Well, simply because my date's band was playing... perhaps in time to come, I will let you know which band that is....
Well, he bought me a drink, we chatted, we mingled, he played... and even dedicated a song to me... but his mike was off... so I didn't hear it, but he told me he did!!
After, we didn't stay much longer, and we skipped home, holding hands, for some kissing and cuddling... oh yes! just cuddles...mmmm, how I love cuddles.
My dear boss....haha... let me come in late Wednesday, so I got a few more morning cuddles, and then had to say goodbye to a very good date indeed!
Wednesday... ahh, Wednesday was pay day! Hooray! So Miss Brit and myself went out for dinner, to the Blue Plate Diner. GO! If you haven't, you really should. Its fantastic. And they make such good long island ice teas! Then back home to try to organize my closet which was exploding in a mess of clothes.

Thursday... I made my first Lulu Lemon purchase... Miss Lemon... buying Lulu Lemon... how odd you may say... mmm, yes very odd, but this such purchase has a real purpose, which is to be worn while working out... not while out for dinner, or out shopping, or out on a date, or a picnic, or to the bar... no its for working out, just as it is meant to be. I start my Bootcamp on Monday!!!
Then back home I went for some Vampire Diaries... then late to bed... and up early... and am oh so tired!!
This weekend looks to be a good one... despite the complete lack of summer and utter dive in Fall... which will mean Winter soon enough... how depressing. Winter vacation.... you best get ready!

Rockabilly music tonight...high heels and tight dressess... possibly a cute boy tomorrow... oh weekend, how I love thee.

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