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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rockabilly Weekend Roundup!

After a nice 4 day long weekend, I am back to work. Oh, dreaded work...

Im sure you are all just dying to hear about my weekend in Montreal, and as such will tell you all about it.

Got in around 2am Thursday night and went right to the hotel. The beautiful, lovely hotel! I will put some pictures up later

Friday was super hot. Just what i needed. Some sunshine to go with my summer dress. We went down to St Catherine's Street and did a wee bit of shopping, and had a bite to eat. It wasnt that great though. There are a million restaurants and you really dont know which are shit and which are decent. We picked up a shit load of alcohol to make long island ice teas and then headed back to the hotel. We lounged in the sunshine on the patio and had out lovely cocktails. We then got ready and wondered over to the bar where the show was at around 9 or 10...? The bands were amazing! And everyone knew how to swing dance. It was a total time warp. I loved it. Except no one talked to me :( They didn't seem very friendly. But either way we had some very strong rum and cokes and enjoyed some good tunes. My travel partner got absolutely trashed and wandered back to the hotel without telling me. I had a mini panic attack thinking I wasn't going to be able to get into out room, cause he wasn't answering the door or his phone. And there is no front desk per say to go get another key. Thank god he forgot to lock the door, and I safely got inside, to find a very drunk travel partner asleep on my bed. After some arguing he finally went to his own bed. Blah Blah Blah.

Saturday. There was a street sale that went on for a million blocks so we checked that out. Ate at a very cute breakfast cafe, where everything was in french, and kind of had to guess at what you wanted to order. We continued on the sale, the went to St Laurent where there are some very nice vintage/antique stores. Had dinner at a little vegetarian restaurant, then went back to the hotel to get ready for the third night of the festival. Again, said travel partner got very intoxicated and had to leave. This time I had the keys... which makes me wonder how he got in... we must have forgot to lock the door. I stayed until the very end. The music was great. Oh and there was a jive contest!! Again I found my travel mate in my bed, but this time he left without a fight.

Sunday there was suppose to be a car show, but Id car 5 classic cars pathetic before Id call it a car show. So we left and went to Old Montreal for a bit before going back to the hotel to get ready for the last night of the festival. I wore my favorite Betsey Johnson dress, and off we were to the Tiki Garden, a Polynesian restaurant. It was all decked out in kitschy tiki decor and had super fancy cocktail.s I ordered one that came in a whole pineapple. Umm hmm. Delicious. Ill put pictures of that up too. Well, there was dinner and dancing, and live bands, and then back to the hotel, where I had the biggest bubble bath of my life! The suite had a giant jacuzzi!

Monday was a nice day, sunny and warm enough for lunch on a patio, a short stroll, then a film. The Americans- worst film ever. Do not go see it.

Then off to the airport, for the ever dreaded flight home. We arrived around 1am. At home I unpacked, had a shower, washed my hair, and off to bed for a short sleep.

Today. Tuesday. Oh so tired, but am very much looking forward to my date tonight. I wil have to tell you all about it tomorrow. I have a good feeling about this one.

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