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Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Night In....

Ho Hum.... Friday night... watching sex and the city... oh faithful sex and the city!
This lemon is oh so tired! Too tired to go out! Yes, really! Miss Lemon is not going out on a Friday night. Boot Camp has kicked my butt!!
On the sunny side.... there is a special someone on their way over... which makes up for the lack lustre of the night thus far...

Tomorrow though... well let me tell you... tomorrow I am finally getting my hair cut by a professional for the first time in, oh... two years! Yah, I know! And then... maybe a stroll down whyte... a stop in at the farmers market... dinner for two cooked by Miss Lemon herself... and then drinks of course, to make up for the not going out tonight! And will be ending the night with some much needed cuddles.

This lemon is almost all squeezed out! Tired... as usual. Worried about money... yet again. And was way too busy this week, what with working out everyday, cleaning my whole flat, taking out loads of garbage and recycle, laundry, doctors appointments, this and that... And... feeling a wee bit lonely... as happens with single gals living alone... while all her friends have boyfriends and companions and best friends...But such is life, and well, I'm sure it wont last for long... well, at least I hope not...

hope your all enjoying your Friday night... have a drink... or two.. for me!!


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