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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boot Camp Day # 1

I had my very first Boot Camp class last night, and you better believe I'm sore today!! It was about an hour and 15 mins long. There was warm up,of course, and then we did some...hmmm... activity stations....? That sounds like kindergarten class... Anyways, there was 9 stations... for example... push ups, full sit ups, running lines, one legged squats... etc etc. You had to see how many of the one thing you could do in a minute and then on the last day of the Boot Camp you do it all again and can see how much you have improved. Very smart idea!

Well, I was the youngest one there.... I thought maybe there would be some ladies around my age... but nope... I'm the odd one out! None the less, I'm super excited to get fit! Oh yah!!! By November, Ill be ready to go... to the beach!!!

I was exhausted afterwards, so I had a shower, washed my hair, watched the season premier of 90210, read a bit then, had a lovely sleep...

And woke up to the tune of my cell phone... which is a good thing because my damn alarm clock is broken and did not go off!!

No big plans for this evening... or much this week really. Need to get some rest, and do some cleaning... hmmm... not so exciting...


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