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Friday, July 29, 2011

This Weeks Lust Haves

Oh thank goodness its Friday! I had a very un-restful sleep, a rushed morning, and uncooperative hair... and, of course, am sitting at work instead of enjoying the summer. These are the day I wish I was still in school... just to get those 2-3 months off for summer vacation.
Well, its time to cheer up by looking at beautiful things I'm lusting over... and so commences Lust Haves- ultimate dream edition

1.Long pretty hair ( mine doesn't know what it wants right now, and isn't listening to me very well)

2 A fabulous retro pink kitchen

3. A gorgoeus pair of heels... and it wouldn't hurt it they we're Louboutins

4. A tea party...one day when I have a big house with a big yard, I will have many fabulous tea parties with all of my friends

5. A new pink bicyle

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