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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Perfect Day

Well, it's Tuesday, which means I'm working today... but if I weren't working, my oh my, what I would do... lets all close out eyes and imagine our perfect (non work ) day

I would sleep in until 9 or 10... get up and make some oh so yummy waffles with berries and syrup and whip cream and veggie bacon.

Id then get ready for a beautiful summer day.

Id hop on my bicycle and in my basket would go: one picnic. one boston terrier puppy. one Frisbee. one beach bag filled with all my beach necessities and one can of sunscreen ( just to be safe). This is only imaginary remember, so my basket can fit many things! tee hee

Id then go for a lovely little bike ride in the sunshine to get my bf. He would get his bike and off we would go to the beach, where we would find the perfect spot to set up. After lounging and playing and eating out picnic we would pack up and ride to a patio to enjoy ice gold lemonade or rum punch or sangria or something wonderful and fruity.

We would then find a fabulous flea market and buy the most wonderful vintage jewelry and other knick knacks and fudge and other treats.

Then we would finally ride home to get ready for dinner... and the carnival! We would have the most yummy dinner ever on a warm sunny patio. I would have something so good and vegetarian of course, which I could never make myself, with the best long island ice tea I've ever had.

Then off to the carnival we'd go, to ride the Ferris Wheel and bumper cars and play games and win silly stuffed animals and eat cotton candy. After we tired of the carnival, we would walk towards home and on the way come across a pool, where we would swim in the moon light! Ah, yes, how romantic! After giggles and swims and kisses, we would collect out clothes and head home.

At home, I would find my little puppy ( who I don't actually have) waiting for me to attack me with puppy kisses and cuddles. Id make a nice cup of delicious tea ( maybe chocolate or buttered rum or perhaps a little chamomile). We would snuggle up on my oh so big and comfy couch (which I also don't have) and talk about the lovely day we just had and how we cant wait for tomorrow to have another perfect day!

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