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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hello wee blog readers! Hmmm... i haven't really been doing my features lately... but that's probably because I grew tired of them. Today is suppose to be workout wednesday... I hope you are all still working out!! I am!! I try to workout everyday... but the weekend gets the better of me... Im just too busy! What an excuse, right?! But I did go for a run on Monday and to yoga yesterday...so 2 out of 3 days this week aint so bad! Plus, I still have 4 more days to work out!

Anyways... remember to keep hydrated and wear sunscreen...and bug spray! Those damn mosquito's have made it so I cant wear bare legs... because they are covered in bites, which really is not sexy.

Any now...after only 1 hour and 21 mins of work... I'm exhausted! I'm still not sleeping very well. And it took over an hour to fall asleep last night! Well, only 7 more hours to go!

I found this picture a little while ago, and well, its just what we need today... something oh so irresistibly cute to put a smile on your face...even if just for a minute.

hot dog!

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