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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A List...

Things I could be doing today, but instead am at work, literally sitting, staring at my computer doing nothing...

1. Sleeping In- I could still be asleep right now!
2. Buying groceries
3. Going for a run
4. Baking- i feel like baking cookies but have no time to do it :(
5. Going for a bike ride
6. Going to the craft store- I need new ribbon dammit!
7. Making things for Lolita Lemon- like jewelery and headbands and hair flowers and other lovely things
8. Organizing my giant storage closet- its not being used to its fullest potential
9. Finishing my laundry I started last night
10. Going to Yoga
11. Going Thrift Store shopping
12. Trying to sell some used books and cds- they have just been sitting there, but I have no time to take them to the used book store
13. Rolling all my change- it needs to be done sooner or later
14. Organize my clothing closet- its a wee bit messy
15. Getting my hair cut- well trimmed, rather, but either way, it needs to be done.
16. Take my sewing machine to get fixed
17. Actually enjoy summer, by sitting on a patio or having a picnic in the park- it always seems to start raining as soon as Im off work
18. Paint my apartment- boy, could it ever use a fresh coat, or two, of paint.
19. Visit with people who I never get to see because of our clashing schedules or because Im always so busy after work trying to jam in everything I need to get done.
20. Getting a manicure and pedicure- oh how I dream of the day I will have to time to go to the spa.

I'm sure there is even more things I could think of that I could be doing today... or tomorrow... or the next day... but 20 seems like a sufficient list of things I wont get to do today... well, maybe, if I'm lucky Ill cross off a few tonight... like getting groceries and going for a run...

What would you rather be doing today?!

Me "baking"


  1. Honestly, I would love to be drinking and dancing right now. Haha. I'm pregnant and would like to have a little fun with all the stuff I have been dealing with in my rental home!

  2. haha i wouldn't mind a drink or a dance either!! well... good luck with the "rental" home... and your up and coming baby!!!

  3. I can totally relate to you. By the way your blog template and banner are awesome!!


  4. why thank you madison! the pics are by Tyson Macadoo!

  5. Your apron is so cute! Where did you find it?



  6. I got it from Anthroplogie! They have tons of super cute aprons!

  7. I do this all the time! Sometimes I write a rad to do list to make me feel better for when the work day is over :) Most of the things I would be doing are already on your list!

    found you from FTLOB, following you now! :)