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Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Update

Time sure flies when your having fun... the weekend went by too quickly and now that its Monday, it appears time has stopped...
Anyway, heres your weekend update

Well, the weather was pretty good this weekend! And even though I didn't go to the beach or have a bbq or lounge around in my swim suit, I did have a good time!

Friday, I worked out... a very good workout, in fact... it was warm and kind of sunny... Then I went to the grocery store... where I got hit on by a creepy 50 year old man with broken english... This is what happened:
Me: Looking at can openers
Man: Oh, how much is tha pineapple ( i had a pineapple in my cart)
Me: I think 3.50 ( I return to looking at can openers)
Man: Did you know you can plant the top of the pineapple and it will grow into another pineapple? Ive done it before
Me: Oh really? Thats cool
Man: You look familiar, do you come here often?
Me: I do my grocery shopping here
Man: Me too, or I go to the North side
Man: The other day there was a man selling real Armani leather jackets outside. He said they were worth $300... I bought one for $40. You like leather?
Me ( wearing a faux leather vest): No, Im a vegetarian, this isnt real.
Man: Im kind of a vegetarian. I had a kidney problem and I read a book that told me to eat lots of vegetable's and it would help kidneys
Me: Interesting
Man: Im blah blah blah. ( puts his hand out to shake mine)
Me: ...Nice to meet you.
Man: So what are you doing later?
Me:... Meeting my boyfriend
Man: Oh... How long you dating?
Me:... A year and a half.
Man: Oh... we can be friends. Here, I give you my number
Me: No, I dont think so
Man: Oh... your boyfriend wouldnt like that? You can tell him we are just freinds
Me: No, thats not a good idea
Man: Oh, he might bite me
Me: Yah, probaby
Man: Oh, okay, goodbye then

WTF?! It was so creepy and inappropriate. That has never happened to me before and I didnt know what to do!

Saturday: I ran errands... Im always too busy for anything during the week, so my weekend usually consists of running errand... like getting yummy chocolate tea from Davids Tea's
Saturday night I went out with my friend Tara... we drank some vodka Tom Collins, then headed out to the bar...for cheap beers on the patio. Well, there was a line up to go up to the silly patio and while waiting in line a group of lame girls went in front. I told them there was a line and one girl said "Thats nice", I then to my friends said that girl was a 'bleep', to which she oh so cleverly replied " fuck you"... well the bouncer told them they couldnt go up... but!! one of the girls knew the bouncer so he said they could go... I made eye contact with him and said we had been waiting so he said we could go up to. Well, we proceeded to go up and one of the girls puts her hand on my shoulder and said "Your not with us" I replied " The bouncer said we could go up" then she said something... which made me reply " you don't work here" then!!! the stupid bouncer said to me " do you want to go home?!" huh?!!! so i just walked away. Girls are so lame!! Get over yourself, ladies!

Sunday: it was nice and warm and sunny!! so we went to the park to enjoy the sun and an ice cream. Then my lovely boyfriend took me out for dinner to my favorite restaurant. mmm nom nom nom. They we went to see Bridesmaids, which was very funny!!! And, well, thats it!

Which brings us to Monday... dreadful Monday



  1. what a wierdo, it is amazing how many ppl on this planet have now inner censorship!