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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lusting Over

Friday! Friday.... la la la la its Friday!

Well, Ive been so busy posting about my vacation I didn't do any of my weekly features... but that's okay, cause I was thinking of cutting back anyway... except for Fridays Lust Have's.

But before I get to my list...I have been having difficulty sleeping lately... I'm super tired, so I go to bed, but don't fall asleep for an hour or two... then I wake up through out the night to see what time it is...because I think Ive slept through my alarm or that it isn't on... but I never do and it always is! So.. my entire nights sleep is interrupted by my stupid brain having to check the time! And! I turned off my alarm in my sleep the other night... maybe I thought it was the weekend or that I didn't need it to get up... gahhh!!! Anyone have a solution?!

Alright, time for my weekly Lust Haves

1. A manicure with that fancy new gel nail polish that doesnt chip for weeks! Oh, and a pedicure would be nice too!!

2. A trip to Spain... Ive been there once and wouldn't mind going again...Id lounge at the beach and drink Sangria all day and night!

3. New Running Shoes... but specifically Nike ones...


4. A Dress from etsy shop Dainty Rascal... like this one

5. A Money Tree... those exsist right?

Have a good weekend wee bloggers!! I know Im going to have bust one... hopefully busy will also mean fun!

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