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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weekend update- Part 3

This week is just flying by...and I still have more to tell you about my weekend!

Day 4: Sunday. There was a market in China town, so we stopped there for a bit before making our way to Beacon Hill Park. There were some cool vendors... but I didnt buy anything...
Off to Beacon Hill Park!
It was a little cloudy and not as warm as I would have liked, but on we went. The park was in full bloom and there was music in the air... literally. There was an old time, swing jazz band playing in the park!

In case you didnt know... there is a petting zoo in the park... and also, if you didnt know, I love love love animals! Now, its not the worlds best petting zoo... but it had miniture piglets, so to me, it was pretty rad! I love anything miniature! And pigs are one of my favorite animals. I pretty much hoarded the pig to myself and prevented the other children from petting it... I say 'other' as if I'm a child... tee hee... I just love animals. Anyway, here are some pictures of me gleefully petting the pig.

And other baby animals...

There were tons of peacocks hanging about... and a few even had their feathers up!!!

After I had finished obssesing over the baby animals we headed down to the beach to seach for crabs and sea shells...both of which we did not find.

Well, we hadnt really eaten very much all day...and we had literally been walking for hours... so we made our way back in to town to find some food...

We went to a little pub...called garricks or something of the sort.

My bf got a burger and fries... looks petty tasty...especially that giant pickle!

And I had a falafel...not the best Ive ever had...but still fairly tasty... And the fries were pretty good too.

After eating and relaxing and wondering and enjoying the sun that finally decided to come out, we went to see a film... yup... Bad Teacher... which I actually thought was really funny!! Then we walked back to the hotel... with just enough time to go swimming for half an hour... We suited up and headed down...only to find the pool inhabited by a huge family...with many children...who splashed me when I went in the water... not to mention both my boyfriend and I have plenty tattoos and are not your average looking bears... when the huge family enjoying the pool was very traditional and covered pretty much head to toe... needless to say... we left the pool.

Day 5: Monday. Our last day in Victoria... spent doing last minute shopping and paroozing (?). We picked up some Rogers Chocolates...nom nom nom... went back to china town to get a coin purse and slippers, checked out the Parliament building and sat on the boardwalk.

We went to The Joint to get some pizza
And thats pretty much it! We caught our plan later than night and all went smoothly... and now here I am, back at work...

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