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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weekend Update- Part 2!

Time for more of my mini vacation! I know, how excited you must be!

Day 3: Saturday. This was the nicest, sunniest/warmest day of the trip! We walked around downtown again and did some shopping and this and that.
We went to a Dutch Bakery and got some yummy sweets and treats... and we ate them all right there!

Later, for dinner we went to Rebar- an amazing, oh so delicious restaurant. I have the cookbook from the restaurant and only found out right before we left that this restaurant was in Victoria, so of course we had to go there, as, well, its my favorite cook book! The food is made using fresh and natural ingredients and is either vegetarian or fish...It was so bright and cherry inside and packed full of people enjoying the yummiest food ever.
Here is what we ordered:

One anchovy free Cesar salad, with homemade croutons.

One order of the 'three sisters' burritos, filled with butternut squash and beans, smothered in yummy sauce with rice and coleslaw... it was fantastic.

One vegetable stirfry, for my bf.

And one chocolate peanut butter cheesecake for desert!

After dinner we went for some drinks at Big Bad Johns. A very dirty... but meaning to be dirty... bar, where the patrons are served non stop peanuts and are then encouraged to toss the shells on the floor.


You are also encouraged to leave behind a token of your visit... be it a bra, a drivers licence, a sticker, a ticket of some sort, your business card... we drew a picture of a cat and shoved it under the glass at our table. Below is a not so great photo of said cat.

After a few pints and some people watching we headed back to the hotel to call it a night!

Stay tuned... there's even more tomorrow!



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