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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Update! Mini Vacation

Why hello Tuesday, its so lovely to see you!! Well, better late than never... a weekend update for you... However, this weekend update is going to be spread over a couple of days, as well, it could get very long, and even though we all know I am very entertaining and witty... maybe, just maybe, you might not have time in your busy work schedule to read it all in one sitting... so here it goes...

I was in Victoria this past weekend on a mini vacation!!

Day One: Thursday... we arrived around 7pm, checked into our ( free) hotel and went for a stroll downtown... not so eventful...

Day Two: Friday we went for breakfast at Johns Place. I got the best Belgian waffle ever, with cream cheese syrup and my bf got an omelet.

We then walked around downtown and did some shopping. I love Victoria's China town, as do most people, I presume... My bf and I split up and bought each other gifts from a huge store in Fan Tan Alley... He got me an Asian print lipstick case, a sparkle pink ring, a fan, and an incense holder. I got him a wooden snake, an oh so silly fury kitten magnet and a Chinese pig pot...?

In the photo below the frame on the wall is made entirely of sugar! That means it will eventually disintegrate and be no more! I thought it was neat.

More to come tomorrow! So keep tuned!


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