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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lusting Over Lately- early yet again!

Well, friends, it seems Miss Lemon is getting yet another oh so lovely long weekend! Im off for a mini vacation this weekend... and its about time, if I do say so myself! And so, today I shall share my Lust Haves, as I mentioned last week, its one of my favorite posts to do!

1. A retro trailer- yah its a big dream, but hey you cant always dream small!

2. Cupcakes- Ive been craving cupcakes all week... but gah, they are no good for losing weight! Whats a gal to do?!
3. A beach vacation... wouldn't it be nice to be lounging on a hot sunny beach, right a nice cold pina colada in your hand? Well, maybe some of you are doing that!!

4. A boston terrier!! eeee they are so cute!

5. A magical treatment to make my hair grow super long super fast. Any one know of any?

Well, Im off to my mini vacation now! See you all next Tuesday... and behave yourselves!



  1. I want five minutes to myself to literally do nothing lol.. but i bet I would get bored really fast lol..

  2. I've been craving cupcakes too. Adorable cupcakes that almost look too perfect/fake to eat. And a beach vacation.


  3. Im still craving cupcakes... 5 days later...

  4. Boston terriers are so cute! I want one :)

  5. they are so cute! I was five!!! he he