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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Miss Lemon joins the army... ( not really)

Ive got a special treat for ya'll today! A little while back I did a wee photo shoot... with some army tanks. Now, by no means am I a "model" but a gal can dream, cant she? Well, here are a few of my favorite shots. They haven't been photo shopped, so keep that in mind. The photographer also took some shots with an old school camera that uses film! Imagine that! You can tell which ones they are.
The photographer was Craig Janzen, a local guy, who I happened to go to high school with. Feel free to check out website: http://www.craigjanzen.com/. Ive done a couple of shoots with him now and have some gorgeous photos because of it.

Here you go, eat your heart out ( tee hee)


  1. Hoooottt!!

    I'm loving the dress in the second and third pictures. You must share where you got it from!

  2. I got it from a shop where I live called Rowena... but i think the brand is pin up couture and Im pretty sure you can buy their stuff online. I love it too, it fits really good ( well I am wearing a waist cincher...)

  3. The photo's are amazing! You are beautifull. :)