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Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Picture Extravaganza

Good Morning cats and kittens! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Except for the rain, my weekend was splendid. I have a bunch of pictures to share of it as well!! Yee haw!

Friday, it rained, go figure! So i baked some cookies... well, the best cookies Ive ever made to be exact! They were just regular chocolate chip cookies... which I got from Martha Stewart's website! There is atcaully tons of great recipes on her website and I highly recommend you check it out.

Then I made some nachos for dinner. nom nom
Saturday was a bit for lively! The Taste of Edmonton is on for a week and a half. A bunch of local restaurants set up a booth downtown at Churchill Square and offer you a taste of their best dishes for only a few bucks! My bf and I got some tasty snacks and sat under the cloudy sky to enjoy them.chicken penne & green onion cakes

The Indy was also on this past weekend! Not that I care that much for race cars...but there was an Indy Race Week festival...of sorts... A bunch of rockabilly bands were playing for free downtown! Now, I like that!
Hillbilly Casino, from Nashville, were there.

And a Mexican band Los StraitJackets

And the icing on the cake... Lee Rocker from the Stray Cats! Me-ow!
Me and Tara, rockin' the town.
Oh and a wee friend:Sunday, the sun finally came out!! My bf and I did some much needed organizing around the house, then went for a little drive to Duchess!

And a little later in the day I went for a well needed run/workout in the sunshine.

And so completed my very refreshing weekend!

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