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Friday, July 22, 2011

Lusting over Lately

Well, its finally raining while Im at at work... instead of being sunny all day and then raining as soon as I get off work,which has been the case for the majority of the last two weeks. But seriously, there is so much rain! Good thing I have a big umbrella...although my bag, my feet and the bottom of legs still got fairly wet.

Well, I haven't been taking my iron supplement lately, which perhaps may be why Im so exhausted this week... I just haven't had time to go buy more... I actually have to buy a bottle every two weeks... it doesn't last very long... There is no where Id rather be right now that snuggled up in bed... well, except for maybe Vegas or a tropical beach...

And so begins another mundane day.... but to make it a little more cherry... here are my lust haves for this week
1. An unlimited yoga pass... Yoga is so expensive its basically extortion! It makes it hard to go because well, the average person cannot afford it...unless you spend your money on nothing else. It cost $17 to drop in! $17!!! And a 10 class pass is something like $130! There usually 20-50 people in a class... you do the math... extortion!

2 Willaim Rast Jeans... oh how they fit so good...one day this little lemon will have a nice black pair

3. A manicure and a pedicure! How nice would that be! But again, I really have no time whatsoever to sit and relax for a few hours...and well, I don't have the money right now either.

4. An vintage bed frame... how luxurious!

Check out the link above... its to a fabulous blog all about decadence and beautiful bridal pictures, etc

5. A pair of 1950's gloves... my hands are too big for genuine vintage gloves... and Im not sure where to find new ones which are actually nice. Id love some black ones or lace ones to wear with a pretty little dress. Oh how elegant!

The picture above is from Ruffled Blog...one of favorite blogs...mostly because its all about gorgeous weddings!


  1. OOOoo right on with those gloves!! I was just saying that the other day: "would it be lovely if those great dresses and dainty gloves came back in style?" aaahhh elegance!

  2. agreed! you can get vintage gloves at antique stores, etc, but like i said...my hands are too big :( Im sure i could find somewhere online that sells them though