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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

dream boy... do you really exist?

Ehm, also... I've got myself a date tonight, with a very nice guy indeed. I have regained all my lost hope that nice men exist.... I have found one, at last!
He's not old! or an alcoholic. He has his own place. Opens the door for ladies, and brings them flowers. He has a job and a car. And says the sweetest things. oh, yes, and wears cowboy boots... tee hee
I know he likes scotch, so I picked him up a bottle, even though I know nothing about scotch, and couldn't find the kind he drinks ( i looked in two liquor stores) so I got him something else, which the sales man says is better than what I was looking for. I hope he likes it. Of course he'll say he does, even if he doesn't....

Well, it was nice out, and now has gone cloudy, which is saddening... but I'm off work in an hour, and plan to have a lovely evening with my nice, sweet, handsome date. I suppose I will fill you in tomorrow...


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