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Monday, July 12, 2010

hola, monday

This weekend I headed down to Calgary for Amber's gorgeous wedding. The ceremony was at a church downtown and the reception was at The Ranche Restaurant, which was absolutely perfect.

Amber, of course, was stunning, in her mermaid cut white, lace gown, and vintage jewelry, veil less, but with a gorgeous white flower instead. Her bridesmaid were everything but tacky, in their BCBG black and cream tiered dresses, and teal high heels.

I stayed with lil Lena, one of the ladies who went to Vegas. I accompanied her and her boyfriend to the wedding, and much enjoyed myself. Despite being disappointed in some, Lena and Nick did not disappoint, and were fabulous hosts... I even had homemade pancakes the next morning!

I then drove home, Sunday afternoon, where i spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching films before retiring to bed around 10.

The upcoming week looks promising however, with a few dates here and there, the potential of a new laptop, not to mention its pay day on Wednesday... and I will have almost no bills to pay! How lovely!!

well, i know it wasn't that exciting or descriptive, but I did have a very enjoyable weekend, I spent very little money and got fairly drunk on Saturday, not to mention I got to dress up and I think I looked rather snazzy, if I do say so myself. Potentially pictures are to come... if I ever get my own laptop fixed!

well, if anything exciting happens tonight, you'll be sure yo hear about it tomorrow, but until then, have a very lovely Monday afternoon!


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