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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Well, its Day One in cloudy Vancouver.

we have successfully checked in, however did not have a successful breakfast. A horrible "dinner" was recommended to us... Rosie's, on Robson's St... which turned out to be an Elephant and Castle. We had the worst service... just awful!! And now, my lovely comrades are napping.... umm hmm, napping. And here I am waiting for my best friend to arrive, to go shopping! And not napping...

Well, hopefully the sun will pop its head out, even just for a bit, and my comrades will wake up a little sunnier shortly... and we will get all dolled up, drink some cherry whiskey and hit the town!

but we are not sure yet where to go... although anything that's not the Black Dog will be a nice change! Even though I do adore the black dog...

Maybe tomorrow Ill be having too much fun to post, so you best enjoy this one!

Have yourself a lovely little Saturday


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