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Friday, July 2, 2010


well its almost time for bed, cause I have to up around... 4:30 am... but I thought Id give you a few little details of my day....

i left work early, and by the end of the day it felt like I hadn't even gone to work! which was nice. So after getting my pay check I as off to the ranch... i mean... my parents house in the country, to finish up the selling of my truck... then... it was off to the bank which my big stacks of hundreds! oh yeah. baller! Then off to future shop to buy a pretty new purple camera, and then next door to Shoppers to get some hair dye, so Id be all fresh and touched up for my trip. Finally, I was off home, knackered! But i made myself paint my toenails, dye my hair, and tidy up my flat and take out the remaining trash and recycle, so it would be so welcoming coming home late Wednesday night...

Also, if I do not post this weekend, or even Monday, do not fret!! Its only because I am having too much fun, to bother... oh, little blog, I kid, I kid, its only because I wont have time to spare, not like when I am at work...
Well, little lady Ceileigh should be here soon, and then its off to bed. The early bird gets the worm... or the plane to Vancouver...?

Have a lovely weekend without us


Lolita Lemon

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