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Monday, July 19, 2010

Dreaming of cute boys and hot summer days

I had a very pleasant weekend, and am now going to share it with you...

Friday night I had a date with the same guy from Tuesday...
When he picked me up, he got out of his truck... and opened my door for me and once he got in he handed me a pink rose!! yes, that's right, a rose! I honestly haven't been given any sort of flower(s) in, oh, probably 5 years or so. We then went to the High Level Diner for dinner, then we went to check out the street performers downtown, but it was uneventful, so we went for a walk in the river valley, then got ice cream and went to his house to watch a film- Cool Hands Luke.
He was a perfect gentlemen, and didn't even try to put any moves on me! * sign* nice boys do exist after all!
He drove me home around 1:30, and off to bed I went, to dream lovely dreams

Saturday I met with my lovely friend Lindsay and we went to the farmers market, where I got so herbs- I'm going to try my darndest to keep them alive... I will update you on that later.Then off to Ikea, and finally her new house! which was very nice indeed

Then home for dinner, a bath and white wine spritzers. I then met said boy and friends for his birthday at the Empress. Seeing as how I was already drunk... after a bottle and a half of white wine, I was very friendly and giggly and had a great time.
Sunday....not so great. I had a massive hangover... damn wine. But the sun was shining so I forced myself to go outside, at least for a bit.
About an hour or so later, I came home to rest and eat, and then rent some films, and cuddle myself until it was time for bed. And that brings us to today... Monday. Still raining, still gloomy, but with thoughts of cute, oh so nice boys, Monday looks a lot better than it use to.


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