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Monday, July 5, 2010

Update: Vancouver

Vancouver, Day 3

Just in my hotel home, getting ready to head out.

So here's whats happened so far...

On Saturday, as my comrades napped, I met with Leslee and we went shopping down Granville... We then went to The Tempelton, a cute little 50's diner, for dinner. We then went to Leslees house so she could get ready for our night on the town, back to the hotel so I could get ready, a few quick quick drinks, and off to catch the bus down to The Biltmore for much more drinking, and later, dancing. Drunk, we followed Miss Marissa's friend a million miles to his house, for some after "party" which was no so exciting, so we promptly left... and around 4:30, we finally crawled into bed...

Very, very hungover Sunday morning, I rolled of bed and groggily made my way to the living room where the other girls were up and giggling.

Oh yes, also there was an ants nest on out room... so we moved rooms...

Well, Leslee and I got ourselves ready, while Miss Marissa and Ceileigh got organized to head over to Victories. Leslee and I dragged ourselves back to... The Tempelton for some very delicious, but very hungover breakfast...well, it was back to the hotel for some much needed recovery. Some time later I emerged from the hotel and went for a little stroll. I then met up with Leslee and her boyfriend, and we went to the Chinese Night Market, where I got a kimono robe, a bunch of fans, some very cute, very cheap shoes, and a cute little green cherry necklace. We then went to Foundation for some very tasty vegetarian food.

This brings us to today... and its time to go out. The sun is trying oh so hard to shine, so I best go enjoy it


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