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Monday, July 26, 2010

Finally, the summer sun has come out to play

This weekend was fairly eventful, although it lacked any partying or drinking! nonetheless, I shall recap for you...

Friday... not much happened...I met up with an old co-worker, we shared some stories and laughs over a drink... then home I went in the blistering and joyful heat, armed with a bag of oh so wonderful Lush goodies. I dropped off some products at Junque Cellar... I sell jewelry and hair accessories there... and then home I went, to wash my hair... I was suppose to go out, but as my friends prove unreliable, I did not, and ended up going to bed. Which was for the best, as I got up kind of early...? Saturday, and went to Capital Ex, with a co -worker and his little girls... A good time was had by all at the big city fair... then off to eat at Joeys on Jasper Ave. They have a great patio, one which I plan to re visit again, perhaps with a cute boy... We then went to a lake in Summer side, and had childish fun, and went on a paddle boat...
Then home again, where I rented a film or two and had an easy night, after a day filled with fun in the sun... i was tuckered out
Sunday I received a rather pleasant phone call, from my best friend, Leslee. You may remember here from my Vancouver tales. She was in town and headed to Padmanadi's... so delicious... so off we went to gorge ourselves in soy heaven. They have relocated and know are a bit more posh and stylish, but still have the same oh so fantastic menu... and I will be returning here again, very soon.
Sunday was also a very sunny hot day.... finally!
After Padmanadi's, we parted ways, and off I went to a cute boys house to watch a film, and cuddle... and maybe make out a bit...Well, midnight rolled around, and as I had to work in the morning, I decided I should probably head home, and as such, home I went...

and this brings us to Monday, which has been surprisingly busy... filled with actual work to do... and before I knew it, it was already noon.... oh happy noon, half way through the day!! how i love half way through the day, although not as much as 4, which the end of the day.

I hope you all had a fun filled weekend, and I do so look forward to next weekend, which happens to be a long weekend- my favorite type of weekend!!

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