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Thursday, July 29, 2010

life thoughts

I have decided I need to get the heck outta this place! and by this place, I mean Edmonton!
Not just for vacation, but for good...
But where would I go.... and after i decide where, what would I do?!

First off though, I'm going to go to Montreal in September for the Hot Red and Blue Rockabilly Festival.... even if I have to go alone. I have already learned not to rely on anyone, especially when travelling. But, who knows, maybe I will find an entertaining and cute boy to accompany me.

In the mean time, its time to focus on my future... what future....? oh my... life has a funny way about it....
You think you know what your going to do, you've got it all planned out, and it turns out the person you've loved for two years, never loved you back... then you've got to start all over again, all the while mending a broken hurt and re-learning to trust.

Well, I am only 24... but time goes by so quickly, i best get movin!

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