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Friday, May 28, 2010

Couch Party Tonight. Be there or be.... Square!!

Well friends...nothing exciting to report. Last night very chill indeed. Although I did have to work late...but only half an hour... which may seem like nothing, but an extra half an hour in the dungeon I call work in excruciating. So I got home late... to an empty house... the only thing welcoming me was my new couch.... *sigh*

I did however find the motivation to make some new hair pieces, which I haven't done in over 2 months... You can find my lovely hair pieces, and jewelry, at Rowena, the Junque Cellar, and Robes and Relics, on whyte...
Who doesn't love self promotion?!

So I spent a good few hours doing that, and about half way through I shamelessly put on Cher's greatest hits...again! And sang along, sitting on the floor, with a glue gun in one hand and ribbon in the other... and a glass of coke and vodka by my side. Vodka, shes always there for me!

Like I said...no excitement, no frills, well maybe some frills...on my hair pieces... tee hee

Well, like Ive mentioned...tonight is my 'new couch party'. I don't believe I have mentioned where I got this fantastic idea from... Cougar Town.... watch it!! you'll fall in love!

So despite the the gloomy sky, and sad rain... tonight will be fantastic and fancy free....!
Dirty Love, which I also blogged about previous, will be playing, wine will be flowing (and vodka), laughter will be heard all the way down my not sound proof apartment, and such good times will be had by all. The debut of my new, oh so grown up sofa.... will be fantastic!
And then, I promise I will stop blogging about it!

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