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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good Morning, Miss Lemon!

I cant believe I forgot about this is my post this morning, becuase really it started off my whole day!

For those who don't know... I'm an office administrator, but not just any office administrator, no I'm an office administrator in the back room of a very dirty metal bar, The Mead Hall. Now, Ive come accustomed... as much as possible...? to the bugs crawling on the walls, and having no windows that actually open, and unpainted drywalled walls. This morning however, on my grungy keyboard, in my dingy office, there was a pair of knickers...waiting for me....?
Yes, just laying flat across my keyboard, screaming "Good Morning, Miss Lemon!"...they didn't actually scream it....but you know what I mean...
Little black knickers, with a skull on one side... I politely put them on a book shelf until their appearance could be explained.

Why, they were left there for me, by the bar managers friend who does screen printing...


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