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Monday, May 17, 2010

Vegas- Day 5

After 4 very fun and oh so very drunk nights in Vegas, day 5 has arrived and its time to go home.

So it turns out I was either too drunk, too tired, or too busy to blog at all after my initial day 1 post...so here it all is now

Night 1: Had Mexican food across the street from out gorgeous hotel, Encore at the Wynn. Had a little sangria to start off the night. We ended up at Blush, a smallish club in the hotel, and danced the night away....

http://www.wynnlasvegas.com/ Check it out, its beautiful

Day 2. A very hung over day as we stumbled in at 5 am. But by about 2 we were at the Outlet mall ready and very willing to make many purchases. I found some great Joe's jeans for a very respectable price, among other things. Our crew of eight all got cute Marc Jacobs necklaces watches shaped as hearts, stars, dice, apples- very delightful, and at a fabulous outlet price... Four hours later, shopping bags lined up out arms, we headed to Strip Burger for, you guessed it, burgers! And beer of course. I definitely recommend this place. The deep fried pickles are great and so was the service!
After dinner, we all got dolled up and made our way to XS ( also in our hotel), which is said to be Vegas' top night club. It was much bigger than Blush and opened up onto the pool. Besides the numerous creepy guys, which are to be expected, it was a very successful evening.

Day 3.Maybe the most hungover day... we walked the strip. We started at Ceasers palace, as we were hunting done Marc Jabobs. We of course watched the fountain of the Bellagio, got some drinks to go and ate at Serendipity iii, outside Ceasers palace. Very cute, kind of like a dinner. Decked out in yummy decor- bushes shaped as ice cream cones, with a cherry on top, a bigger than life sized gumball machine, lots of pink, and specializing in ice cream! I loved it! Although, I didn't order an ice cream because the portions are very respectable, I was too full but maybe next time!
After shopping and strolling we got ready to head to..... Ludacris! haha. I must admit, Im not necessarily a fan, but still...
He was playing at Pure, another top night club. The line up was insane and inside, the club was jam packed. Once he had finished and after a failed attempt to find the bride, we went out side to decide were to go next, when....a group of young gentleman approached. Well turns out they were Canadians and very nice, so we accompanied them across the street to O'Sheas. A not so classy and very unpretentious bar, were, I might say, we had the most fun! The non creepy boys bought us drinks, made us laugh, and a good time was had by all. After stumbling is at 9:30 in the morning!!! yes, 9:30! I crawled into bed, or rather, onto the coach, had a little nap and it was time to start all over again

Day 4 Despite getting no sleep, I surprisingly had quite a bit of energy and we headed over the Fashion Show mall, were Besty Johnson was waiting for me! After trying on many necklaces I finally found the one... the perfect piece for me. Leopard hearts, weighing a pound or two for sure, had my name written all over it. Oh you bet I will be posting some pictures! I also found a darling orange octopus ring to purchase as well.
After shopping we put on out high heels and headed out to dinner at Stratta in the hotel.
We then made our way over to Ghost bar, an outside club on the 53rd floor of the Palms. A rather subdued night, as it was Sunday, but still a blast. Once done with ghost bar, we went to XS and danced our last Las Vegas dance. 5 am came, and we went...to bed.

Day 5. The final day, ready to go home and rest but not ready for the vacation to end, and go back to the real world...
We took another stroll done the strip and ate at Wabo Cabo...?Not very vegetarian friendly, but I was starving.
Then it was time to go....we hoped in a cab, waved goodbye to the Encore and made our way to the airport.
Again, I'm on a different flight, and so....am waiting...again. Very tired, feelin rough, although hopefully not looking it.... ;)

Pictures, suggestions, tips, and more to come later, as its time to check in!!

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