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Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Sofa!

I'm sure you all don't know this, but Ive been longing for a new couch for a few months now... and today, oh glorious Sunday, my dream has come true. I have purchased a gorgeous new black sofa!
Yes, I do remember that I told myself to spend less and save more... thus far, it has not been working out too well. Despite my efforts... hmmm efforts... okay i haven't made much of an effort...but i thought about saving... does that count?

Well back to my lovely new sofa. It was on sale! So I had to buy it! And oh how grown up my apartment will look now. No more frumpy old futon! No, now I have an adult couch! Because... I am an adult!!

Tomorrow it will be all mine, it will be the gorgeous centre piece in my average apartment living room, that is until I find a new centre piece... like a fancy new rug! or beautiful picture to hang on the wall behind my lovely new sofa!

I was thinking I may have a 'new sofa' party, to show off how grown up I am!
Does buying a new sofa make me grown up....? Well it makes me feel like it!!

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