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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gypsys, Tramps and Theives

Guess what I just stumbled upon?? Cher's Greatest Hits!! Oh yah, that's right. And not only that, but its my cd player at this very moment!!

Oh man, did I ever use to love Cher. I use to play this CD over and over and over again. I read her autobiography, The First Time, in one day. I just thought she was the shit! She still is, I mean, when I was in Vegas, she was preforming!! Damn me for spending copious amounts of money at Betsey Johnson. Although I wasn't going to go rock out to Cher on my own or with all the middle aged women who would also be there... cause gawd knows no one else I know, let alone the girls i was with, actually like Cher. Only moms do, maybe an aunt or two... a younger grandmother perhaps... Who woulda thought a gal like me would have a sweet spot for Cher?

For your viewing pleasure... see above....


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