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Monday, May 31, 2010

I wanted to add a few links for all you interested cats and kittens.... just of a few things Ive been talking about...

http://www.theredpiano.ca/- this is the restaurant/bar I went to on Saturday for my girlfriends birthday bash!

www.abc.go.com/shows/cougar-town for what else, but to watch cougar town!!

I also watched a really great film last night call Uncertainty, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lynn Collins...

www.N9negroup.com. Check out Ghost Bar at the Palms in Las Vegas

You should all also check out my girlfriends blog about her adventures in baking...

Also a little info on Vodka...
Because, well, you should all know by know, that Vodka is indeed my favorite beverage!

That's all Ive got for now! Its Monday morning and I'm way too tired to be up and functioning. Silly weekend, you were meant for not only partying, but for getting much needed sleep...


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