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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend = complete

Well its Sunday afternoon, and boy what a weekend!

Lets start if with the new sofa party, because I know your all dying to hear how that went!!

Well, I must say it was very successful indeed! Imagine, 7 giggling girls, armed with wine, vodka, and beer. My lovely friends also brought over some munchies....as well, I spent all my money on my new sofa! We popped 'Dirty Love' in the DVD player and drank the night away...

Now I must say, this girly party turned out to what i think may be any guys dream girl party.... trying on little undies, comparing bras and what is held in them... we even busted out a whip, and well, whipped each other...? Too much fun, which will and must be duplicated over and over again!!
Around 3:30 the two remaining ladies stumbled home... and that's when the real party began...for me anyway ;) what does this mean? oh I'm sure you know!

It is now Saturday, at about 4 pm...and I decided perhaps it is time to get out of bed!! and get started on the day!
With a hop and a skip I was home....? and in the shower.Oh lovely, lovely hot shower!
I then got myself somewhat ready... for a date! Who doesn't love going on dates?! I actually never go on real dates, so I was pumped...except for the rain, which turned into giant snowflakes!!! wtf?! It was a good thing I brought my giant umbrella with me!!

Well, after maybe 7 hours, I came home, to get ready for a night on the town. I put on my favorite and most pretty dress, out my hair up, and curled my eyelashes one last time, before I busted out some winter aparrel I had put away for the summer.... summer? what summer?

And then!! then waited for the bus! Yes, the bus. FYI I never take the bus!! But I was headed to the west end, and was planning on drinking, and being the responsible adult I am... I didn't want to drive!
My girlfriend was having her birthday party at the Red Piano in West Edmonton Mall. Oh my gawd, if you haven't been there, you must go! I cant do justice with it with words, how fun and funny it is.... okay...Ill try... Imagine, red, white and black decor, low lights, martinis, cocktails, and tons and tons of middle aged women! Also circular platform in the middle of a small dance floor, and on the platform is two red pianos, and anywhere from 2-5 performers... And these performers are amazing! You can request anything you want... for a price.
They of course, also serve food, which does not cater to any sort of vegetarian needs, but specializes in Cajun and seafood dishes.
Well, I was insanely tired from getting very little sleep the night before, and couldn't drink for the life of me, but I sure looked cute, and the stares from the older men reassured me of this!
I managed to stay out until 2, and with Miss Marissa by my side and a very drunk birthday girl, we quite enjoyed ourselves!
I even got a very nice ride home from Miss Marissa!
I slipped off my high heels and fishnets, checked my phone for messages, and my date from earlier wanted to hang out! But I was so tired! Well he came over for a chat anyway... even though I was useless....because I was so tired. I just thought everything was funny, and so I laughed a lot...

And now its Sunday! The last day of the weekend! And it always seems to go by so quickly! Its already 6 o'clock!! Where has my day gone...? Oh yah... i stayed in bed almost all day. mmm bed! but now my back it sore!! Massage fairy, where are you when I need you? and do you even exist?Also, can you bring me some food, my fridge and cupboards are so very very bare, and my tummy is growling!This is why I need a big strong man...who also has very good intuition... to carry my heavy furniture, give me massages and bring me food, cause he knows Ill be hungry at 6 o'clock on a sunday evening!

So tired! And the intro to confessions of a shopaholic has been playing on loop for about half an hour now... must stop it!!

There we go... problem fixed, with a little Social Distortion... I have been listening to them none stop for like two weeks now!!

Alright... lets see what we can mange to do with what little is left on Sunday...
Oh and didn't I tell you this Saturday was going to be oh so much better than last? Yes, I believe I did! The only thing that made last weekend better than this, was that it was a long weekend... why cant every weekend be a long weekend... just imagine how much happier the work force would be.... I know Id be so very much happier

Well then that was the weekend... drinking, a little dancing, a lot of giggles, lovely girlfriends, a couple cute dates, even a little cuddling.... umm mmm, even cuddles! weekend = complete!
Oh i even got my laundry done... it had been over 3 weeks!!! and i was pretty much out of regular knickers and was making my through my most comfortable of my uncomfortable/ fancy knickers

Also, as a little extra for you... Vegas boy... did I tell you about him...? well he finally contacted me! well i suppose he did once before... but he has forgot his phone in the hotel in Vegas... and some how through the use of magic and Internet sent me a message...but of course I couldn't send one back... well he texted me yesterday morning! so sweet!! and so we have been texting back and forth... too bad he lives in Saskatoon! whats that you say, people actually live in Saskatoon!? why yes, apparently they do!! don't ask me why, all I know, is that they do!
well this has turned out to be a very long...slightly informative, and always entertaining post!!
off to the grocery store I go, as I have had no knocks on my door from a big, strong man holding massage oil in one hand and Cesar salad in the other

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