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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

Vegas: Day One

Im at the airport in Vegas, oh 2 and half hours earlier than everyone else, cause I got a different flight.... but no complaints really, was a relatively shirt flight and I picked up some Mandarin Vodka and some Ruby Red Vodka, all for the low low price of 33 bux! So im good to go, although I could use a fresh coat f makeup, maybe some deodorant and few brushes of the teeth and hair, and maybe some decent food...

Oh what excitement awaits us tonight!!?!!
Hopin' in a limo soon, with a bottle of bubbly, my lovely best friend, and a whole gaggle of other lovely girls.

Im sure a much more exciting most will follow...and hopefully a few encounters with Elvis...Viva Elvis, Elvis Museum, and maybe even Elvis impersonators...? we will see!!

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