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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We are the Champions...kind of...

Last night, like I had mentioned, was Kickball night! Armed with my spandex shorts, pig tails, and my 'date of the week' ( Ceiliegh), I made my way out to the middle of no where- ie. the North Side.
As it happened to turn out, the other team didn't have enough players! So we counted everyone off, and mixed the teams together. And I must say this game has been the most fun yet, and I just happened to be an all star on the field last night! That's right, as first base-men...women... I succeeded in getting a handful of players out, including the lovely Miss Marissa... umm hmm!

Because we automatically won, we just played for fun , didn't keep score, and just kind of ended it whenever...but definitely not after the ninth inning, no...definitely a few innings before.
Off to Hudson's we went, kickball champions... well default champions...for the night anyway...

Then...off to bed I went... I know, boring!! But I'm saving Vodka for the weekend, and all the fabulous festivities I have planned...

Oh, and every time I walk into my apartment, the smell of new couch fills my nostrils with pleasure

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