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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well, after a gruelling 4 hour wait and a very bumpy 3 hour flight, next to a rather cute boy...I am finally home! Did I mention I was the lucky gal who got to sleep on the coach in the hotel? So bed, when I actually got into it, was just lovely.

Well, like I said before, time for some direction...

first off, for life- spend less, save more... oh this is going to be hard
second- get more sleep. much more sleep! Two hours just does not cut it!
thirdly- put a little more effort in to: making new friends, making myself happy, being active, drinking less.... really drinking less? yes! it can be done

Now how about some direction for this little blog here....
too tired to think...its only 1 in the after noon, and I'm already gone...

Okay, direction... suggestions?
or can it really just be a jumble... or maybe it will all just fall into place...only time will tell....

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