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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Funday

Oh sweet sweet Sunday night, you treated me so much better than Saturday night did.
Vodka and strawberry at home, while listening to Social Distortion, whom I currently lust for. My lovely girlfriend showed up with out warning, so a quick dash to put pants on was required...

We then giggled and gossiped our way down to the Black dog, where we enjoyed some pints on the patio, curled up under the heat lamp.

With a few high school encounters, a shot or two and much needed catching up, Sunday you were such a success!

Now, as for today....
Why is it that people oh so love to text me early when its my day to sleep in? And yes, my phone is on vibrate! but even the vibrate wakes me up! Not to mention the pointless phone call from my boss at 9! Why oh why can I just not have peace?! You may ask, well Miss Lemon, why don't you turn your phone off? Well I keep it on for emergencies of course!!!

well with a few flirtatious text back and forth to a certain gentleman, who gave a certain lemon a few goodnight kisses Friday night, I eventually had to get up to go pick up my new sofa!!!

As I have no big strong man in my life, it was up to me and my mom to get my gorgeous new purchase up four flights of stairs, and my sad old futon, back down those same four flights! And my goodness did I ever work up a sweat, for real!! Maybe I need to put an ad our for a big, strong, sexy... man to be at my beckon call... I think that sounds reasonable!

Well, here I am now, on this holiday Monday, with Clueless in the DVD player, and my new sofa looming over me, wrapped up tight in plastic... time to get on it!!

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