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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

got a case of the mean reds

Oh Tuesday, what mean reds you bring me today...

Boys are horrible. But you knew that already. But grown men are horrible as well. In fact, males in general are horrible. Whats that you say? I'm making a generalization? Yes! Yes, I am

However, if you happen to be the lone man out there, reading my blog....? who happens to be genuine, and sweet and here's the kicker... single!! oh please, please, do come find me!

Okay, back to horrible men...now I know I'm not the only one who continually stumbles upon these awful creatures, but right now I feel like I am...so here it goes... why oh why, does it always happen to me?!

Okay maybe not always! Because there was that one cute boy, who was very nice indeed, but was rather scattered...and that did not impress me much... but boy, was he cute...

Tuesday morning why cant you be more like any other morning for the past 3 days?

Well onto happier times... the sun is shinning! And I had a lovely date on my new sofa last night, with my oh so gorgeous friend Kly. The film we watched though was not so good though. Kiss Kiss, Bang, Bang- I do not recommend.

Oh, and I don't believe I have told you that I'm part of a community kickball team... yes, you read right, kickball. Okay, it may sound a little nerdy, but its actually really fun and super cool!! So yes, kickball is tonight! I missed it last week, because, as you are aware, my flight home from Vegas was very much delayed and I was way too exhausted to kick a ball!!

My work day is half over! And I still need to go shopping for new curtains, so my neighbours will no longer be able to see me wondering carelessly naked around my apartment. You should see how grown up my living room looks now! I changed it all around and made it less cluttered. Now I only need: purple curtains, yes they must be purple, a book shelf, maybe two, something to put on the walls, a new coffee table ( because i broke one of the legs so its not as functional as it use to be), and more pillows, preferably purple zebra, for my lovely new sofa...
Okay Ill stop talking about my sofa shortly... as I am proudly presenting it to my friends Friday evening, so of course I will have to tell all about that

And I still need to get started on my other blog, but I do love this one so much right now....

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