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Friday, May 13, 2011

Bicycle, Bicyle...

I want to ride my Bicyle, I want to ride my bike...
Last night I rode my bicycle for the first time! Ive had this bike for almost two years! And I finally decided the time was now! All I need is a basket, a bell, and maybe a cute helmet. It was scary riding across the high level bridge when it was windy as hell yesterday! Oh and maybe a softer bike seat...
I know want to ride my bike everywhere!!! Especially since gas prices are so extreme and I could also use the extra exercise and time in the sunshine! We will see how it goes. Its a huge pain carrying it up and down three flights of stairs in a very narrow stairwell... I cant really leave it outside, because, well, people are untrustworthy for the most part.
Otherwise, its Friday, the most celebrated day of the week... by me anyway. And a lovely weekend is on its way!!
More later... maybe

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