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Monday, May 9, 2011

a potent lotion

As a person with fair skin and freckles, I am against tanning beds and going outside without sunscreen on... but! I do love a nice tan! Which leaves me with only a few options, all which include fake tanning.

I had bought a new dress and didnt want to wear any tights or stockings, because its practically summer... and so...everything looked so good... my hair, my dress, my booties... and then there were my pale white legs... and so I took matters into my own hands!

I bought some gradual tanning body lotion... which is not as messy or streaky or hard to mess up as straight up tanning lotion. Well, I was going out in about 5 hours, so in that time I reapplied my gradual tanner about 6 times... mostly just to my legs...cause I figured the more I add the more tanned I will actually look, and no other body parts were being exposed in any large amount...including my feet. By the time I left to go out, my legs had a nice bronze glow. The next morning... my legs were super tanned!! And my feet were super white! I didn't put any lotion on my feet!! Oh what a silly silly girl I had been. My chest had a nice tan as well, but the rest of my torso was white... woe is me...
I managed to even it out by today though. And it doesn't even look fake! Unless you know me and know how pale I usually am...

Anyway... Im all prepared for summer now... well almost... I still need some cute summer outfits and maybe some new wedges... and sun hats!!


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